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Coke Bottle Art March 9, 2013

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I recently acquired two pre-painted canvases.  The image on them was nice, but not my style.  So I used some Kilz and painted over them.  A little product endorsement here: Kilz is the best primer I’ve ever used.  Doesn’t matter if it is in the spray can or the paint on variety.  That stuff has the best coverage.  Plus, for a project like this, I didn’t have to go over it with white paint when I was done.  The Kilz looks fine on its own.  I splurged this time and also got myself a spray paint handle.  Worth the money.  It kept my hands clean and it’s so easy my four year old was able to use it.  You could get it from Amazon, but I got mine at my local Walmart and I’ve seen them at Ace Hardware as well.  You can probably find them at Home Depot or Menards.  So don’t spend money on the shipping until you’ve checked around your town first.

Anyway, back to the craft.  The plan was to have my kids make some art for the walls.  At first I thought I would hang them in my craft room that I’m repainting/organizing.  But my husband liked them and so we are going to hang them in the living room instead.

And again I digress.  Once the canvases were primed and dry the craft was super easy.  We used three styrofoam bowls, acrylic paint in black, pink, and blue, two 1 liter Coca-Cola bottles, a sponge brush, and a pencil.

First thing was to use the pencil to trace lines for the tree trunk and branches.  Then the kids took turns with the sponge brush and black paint (the paint was poured into the bowls) to paint along the lines.  Then my son got the bowl of blue paint, my daughter the pink (they chose the colors), and each got a coke bottle.  They would dip the bottom of the bottle into the paint, then stamp it onto the canvas.  Easy peasy.

And here are the finished master pieces.  So so easy and kid friendly to make.

Coke Bottle Art