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How to Pin a Blogpost June 25, 2012

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I don’t know about you but when I find a pin that looks interesting, I like to follow it back to the original blog or website posting, rather than just repinning.  That way, when I go to give it a try, my pin takes me straight to the instructions so I can get right to work.

But not everyone does it this way.  And not everyone knows how to correctly make that first pin.

You see at lot of people will go to the homepage of the blog in question and pin from there.  That means the pin is a placeholder for the blog as a whole, and not one specific post.  Then when someone follows the pin back to the site, she then has to hunt through the entire blog to find the post that sounded so interesting.  And so she gives up and doesn’t read the post.  Very annoying.  And also a waste of everyone’s time.

So what do you do?

First things first.  What is the difference between the blog’s homepage address and the post’s specific address?

The homepage address on my site, when seen in the search bar, looks like this:

But if you were in the mood to pin my post on gum paste, that is not what you should pin.  If you were to pin the homepage address, for the time being people would be able to find my post on gum paste.  But only until I added enough posts to move it off the front page.  Then, they would become frustrated and unable to find that wonderful post that looked so interesting.

Instead, you should click on the post name and bring up that specific post.  In this case you would click on the words “Gum Paste” in the large-ish green font.  Right there at the top of the post, where it also says “Posted on June 25, 2012 by MKCoehoorn.”

Clicking on that title will give the appearance of refreshing the page.  But in reality it is loading a new page.  How can you tell?  Look back up at the search bar.  It should now look like this:

You want to see something after the .com that indicates you are going to a particular part of the website.  For my site it will show the posting date followed by the name of the post.  But if you go over to Heavenly Homemakers and follow the same steps, you will see that she uses the name of the post for her addresses.  It doesn’t matter how the blogger chooses to link her posts, so long as you can see that you are not looking at the homepage before you use your Pin This! widget.

After that, you know what to do.  Click the widget and pin the post to your regular board of choice.