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Crochet Eggs April 11, 2012

Lion Brand Yarn has some wonderful free patterns for knit and crochet on their website.  I love looking through the website for project ideas and the amigurumi patterns are great for using up yarn leftovers.  I made these little eggs for my 6 month old niece for Easter.  Each egg took about 30 minutes to make, or 45 minutes if my kids were distracting me. The best part is that I was able to make some of them out of yarn leftover from when I made my niece a baby blanket.

I’m now working on an assortment of eggs for my sister-in-law to decorate the dorm she manages next year.  So far I have found that Caron Simply Soft with a size F hook and Naturally Caron Spa Yarn with a size E hook make the best eggs.  Normally I prefer to work with Peaches ‘n’ Creme yarn but it came out too stiff for my liking.  However it does make a very nice basket (but I’ll save that for another post).


Easter Bunny Pops

I came across these Easter Bunny Pops and had to try my hand at making them.  But as with anything I did things a little bit in my own way.  Instead of buying wooden hearts and beads, then painting them white,  I just cut hearts and 3/4″ circles from some white craft foam.  Then I drew on the eyes, mouths, noses, whiskers and toes with craft foam markers.  I also used glue dots instead of hot glue since I knew that I would have little hands trying to help me and cut up some cotton balls when I ran out of white pompoms for the hands and tail.

After about 8 bunnies, I got tired of struggling to tie tiny bows so later bunnies were bow-less.  Bowed or not, these little dum bunnies were a hit at our breakfast potluck at church on Easter.


Color and Number Wheels April 7, 2012

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When you have small children you are constantly looking for ways to keep them quietly amused while at church or in other public locations.  Since so many toys make noise, you have to get pretty creative to find quiet ones.  Enter the internet.  I found a pin on Pinterest that had links to several activities for toddlers.  I decided to try out a couple for my 3 year old boy.

Color Wheel


8″ round cake board

8 fine point sharpie markers

8 ultra fine point sharpie markers

8 clothes pins


gallon zipper baggie

Use the ruler and the black ultra fine sharpie to divide the cake board into 8 equal sections.  Color in each section with a different color fine point sharpie.  Use the ultra fine sharpies to write the color name in the appropriate color on one side of the clothespins.  Color in the other side with the same color sharpie.  Store in the baggie.

The object is for your little one to see the color of the name and match it to the wedge on the circle, but they can match the colored side if that is what they would rather do.

After one church service I saw that I would need to color the wedges again as the ink had been worn off by the clothes pins.  After recoloring the circle I will add clear contact paper to protect the color in the future.

Number Wheel


8″ round cake board

neon color coding dots


10 clothes pins

black ultra fine point sharpie

gallon zipper baggie

Make 10 marks equidistant around the perimeter of the cake board.  For an 8″ board they would be about 2.5 inches apart (d * pi/10).  Use the sharpie and the ruler to draw a line from one mark to the opposing mark so that you have divided the board into 10 equal wedges.  Place one dot in one wedge.  Two dots in the next.  And so on, going around the board in a clockwise fashion until you have 10 dots in the last wedge.  Number each of the clothes pins 1 – 10, with the numeral on one side and the number spelled out on the other.  Store in the baggie

The object is for your little one to count the number of dots and then clip the correct clothes pin to that wedge.


Marshmallow Fondant April 6, 2012

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Vehicle Cake from my cousin's baby shower

Over the last several years there has been a rising trend to cover cakes with a sugar dough called fondant.  If you have been blessed by not having a chance to try it, professional bakers have described it as like working with Play-doh, and tasting like it too.  Many cake buyers sacrifice the taste of the confection they are purchasing to have it look nice.  When I make a cake, I like for it to taste as good as it looks without having to remove the decorations.  So I was quite happy to discover that there is a way to make a slightly better tasting version out of marshmallows.

My Recipe (makes about 2.5 lbs):

2 Tablespoons clear, imitation vanilla extract (or other clear flavoring)

3 – 4 Tablespoons water

10.5 oz mini marshmallows

2 pounds powdered sugar

gel food coloring



In a large microwave safe bowl, pour the extract and water, then add marshmallows.  Microwave on high for 30 seconds.  Coat a spoon thoroughly with shortening, then stir the marshmallows.  Continue microwaving and stirring until marshmallows have melted and are soupy.  Between stirring sessions, clean off the spoon and recoat it with shortening.

When melted, stir in powdered sugar.  When you have stirred in as much as you can, grease your hands and work surface liberally with shortening and dump mixture onto surface.  Knead remaining powdered sugar into mixture until it has a dough-like consistency.  Coat with shortening and allow to rest for a short time.

Clean up the shortening mess and prep the surface with a dusting of cornstarch.  Add a few dots of food coloring to dough and knead to spread the color throughout.  A marble effect takes a shorter kneading time, while a solid color requires more work.

Roll out to about 1/8″ and drape over cake.  Smooth over the top and sides of the cake.  Trim excess from the bottom edge of the cake.

Top view of the vehicle cake

Cost Breakdown:

Great Value Miniature Marshmallows (10.5 oz) – $1.00

Wilton Clear, Imitation Vanilla Extract (8 oz)- $4.00 (or $0.50 for 1 oz used)

Great Value Powdered Sugar (32 oz) – $1.68

Total Cost – $6.68 ($3.18 for what was actually used)

Additional Costs:

Great Value Shortening – $4.42

Great Value Cornstarch (16 oz)- $1.00

Wilton Pastel Food Coloring – $1.77

Compared to Wilton Rolled Fondant (5 lb) – $18.88

Polka dot gluten free cake from the baby shower